About Browsers…

This blog is about state-of-the-art web development, specifically as it applies to my site: TheHolyScriptures.info.

Recently, some great web browsers have been introduced to compete with IE and Firefox: specifically Chrome, and Safari 4. These new browsers are more significant than many realize: they are more than web browsers, they are “platforms”. They have compiled Javascript! and support programs that run in their own process space. This means a big step forward: the era of the internet based applications. Eventually this means no more slow page refreshes, no more heavy reliance on HTML and no more over-use of server languages like PHP. Ok, I know, internet computer-like apps have been around for awhile but they could not compete because of speed and compatibility issues. Now they can compete because of the new breed of browsers. Safari 4 even passes the Acid 3 standards test! Firefox 3.5 has a compiled Javascript engine too. On the other hand, IE 8 just came out and, oops, it has slow Javascript, is buggy, and still non-standard, so it’s going to slow up progress — but only in the short term.

In any case, I think I see the web future and it is Linux / Apache / compiled JavaScript / AJAX / PHP / MySql-PostgreSQL. Time will tell. Meanwhile I’ve developed my most advanced website, TheHolyScriptures.info on the technologies mentioned. It works for me!

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