Apple and iPad 2

Apple is revolutionizing the computer industry. In many ways it’s the PC revolution all over again and Apple is very well poised to win it all this time around. Their iPad is amazing in many multiple small ways that add up. The one-click purchasing of app, songs, movies, and books is marvelous. I really like reading books and watching movies (with earphones) on the iPad. At the end of the day, it’s really the quality and quantity of apps that leave other other tablets in the dust right now and provide Apple’s total supremacy. And it’s only one simple tap to purchase/install/update and you only have to put in your password once up front. Compare this to PC apps: download it (step 1), where did it go? (step 2), click on the installer (step 3 what’s an installer? says grandma), review a bunch of incomprehensible questions and click next, next (step 4 and 5) and then run the app (step 6, but again, where did it go?). Purchasing a program online is another 6 steps or so (add it the shopping cart, enter your name, enter you CC number, enter the CCID, etc etc). Apple has got this mess solved. For usability, the iPad is a great device for grandma and grandpa on so many levels — they really can’t get themselves into any serious trouble with it. The iPad is also great with 2-3 year old kids. I know this from personal experience and a youtube search is convincing. The iPad apps are typically of great quality and so-o-o cheap, and they come with no chance of malware. My workplace requires anti-virus software on all network devices – except iOS — because malware doesn’t exist with iPads and iPhones and that’s a very very important revolution. Of course, there is no iPad malware because each and every app is pre-approved by Apple before it is made available on an Apple device. Techie’s hate this closed approach but for the general public now-days it’s really a gift — as the average PC Joe is sitting on a boatload of malware. I am writing this on  a dual core Win7 laptop PC. I run a lot of apps and get annoyed at the wait cursor which can sometimes come up for no good reason. No wait cursor on the iPad. In fact, no waiting — at least not perceptually — and no apps ever freeze (i.e. “not responding”) for any reason whatever. Finally, developers are making real money off the iPad through the app store. Just try selling your PC app! Some of the best stuff for the PC has to just be given away and very little money is made unless you are a big corporation that has cornered some part of a vertical market. Not so with the iPad — at least not yet. Computers are leaving the desktop and going mobile. The world is changing.

One another note: The iPad 2 is out in the US and being released internationally in 3 days. It appears to be a worthy successor. The look of the unit is very impressive and much of what I asked for in my last iPad post is now available. Here’s my take on it …

  1. Screen: I was looking forward to a higher res OLED screen. Maybe iPad 3. Meanwhile the display is still very, very good.
  2. Battery: Maintaining the same 10 hours is not an improvement, but still noteworthy considering the lighter, thinner design and additional hardware features (2 video cameras and an HDMI port). Ten hours is passable for now. Again, maybe iPad 3.
  3. Weight: Thinner and lighter is great for book reading. Look forward to trying it.
  4. OS: iOS has been upgraded twice since I got my iPad. Getting  better and better. Great!
  5. Camera: I was expecting iPad 2 with one camera but it comes with two!! Plus both cameras do video. Cool. They’re not high spec cameras by any means, however I am sure they’ll be fine for Facebook social media. Apple hit the target market and kept the overall price the same as iPad 1. Smart move actually.
  6. Memory: Ram memory doubled to 512k for iPad2. However, with the solid state drive on iPad1, plus a very modern OS, I’ve never actually encountered a real “memory problem” on iPad 1 in the traditional PC sense — and I use my iPad with many multiple apps a LOT.
  7. Micro-card reader: They didn’t provide it on iPad 2. I would still like this.
  8. Other: iPad 2 has a gyroscope and a plug and play HDMI video port that works with all apps. Very important features that I overlooked in my last post. I hope to get an iPad 2 ASAP but won’t be a super-early adopter. Nevertheless, I look forward to it!!

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