iPad Stylii Review

About 5 months ago I came to the conclusion that my fingers are not ideal for the iPad. There are three reasons:

  1. Fingers are too fat. Precision pointing is often required for speed and accuracy.
  2. Fingers are too greasy. Who wants a smeared up, greasy screen?
  3. Fingers are too slow. A pencil or pen provides quicker directional changes.

After reading stylus reviews I narrowed down my choice and picked the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for $25 from Amazon.com. Nicely crafted with aluminum and brass, it has good heft and balance and is quality made — but it is a horrible stylus for the iPad. Oops.

So I tried again. This time I choose the “Universal Touch Screen Stylus”, also from Amazon.com at $2.50 for a 3-pack. Much better and here’s why:

  1. Price: No comparison. The current price for the Universal is $1.05 for a 3-pack.
  2. Weight: Turns out weight is not your friend. The Universal is much much lighter, faster, and less tiresome over time.
  3. Size: Smaller is better for “poking” the screen, which is what you mostly do with an iPad. The Universal is just right. The Wacom too big.
  4. Rubber tip: Firmer is better. The Wacom has a “flat tire” feel to it. I want to be able to jab the screen without hitting the rims!
  5. Rubber tip: ¬†Slipperier is better. The Wacom has more “grip” and thus is the inferior choice for handwriting and art apps. The stylus needs to slide like a pencil, not stick and grab. The Universal is better at this, but not perfect
  6. Capacitance: Stylii work with a small electrical charge. It’s is easier for current to flow through a little metal rather than a lot of metal. The thin shelled Universal wins again. It is more reliable in registering screen taps
  7. Peace of mind: stylii are like pencils – easy to misplace or lose. With three super inexpensive Universals, I can spread them around and don’t have to worry about it. The $25 Wacom is always a worry.

Well there you have it. My opinion. Sometimes the less expensive product is better!!

Wacom Bamboo
Wacom Bamboo

Universal Touch
Screen Stylus

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