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I love web development and I started doing it professionally in 2005. In all, I have created, or helped create, nearly 100 websites. I’ll include only the more interesting ones here…

Esther GenesisCompareS
This SPA (Single Page App) acts like a desktop application (no page refreshes). The UI is completely handled by JavaScript and is mostly hand-coded, including the AJAX (RESTful get/put) calls. There are zero page refreshes. The only library I used was Scriptaculous and then only for the vertical and horizontal accordion effects. It may be simpler to make a library AJAX calls but I just wanted to do it manually — plus get the maximum flexibility. One of the significant features of the web page includes the interactive text comparison. I used PHP on the back end to execute complex MySQL queries and build XML formatted data returned to the JavaScript client. XML was a better format than JSON in this case due to the hierarchical format of the data. If I were doing over, I would look to AngularJS for the accordion effect and remove the Scriptaculous.

Interactive Educational Game – Geography

Oregon This is a relatively simple game written in JavaScript for the interaction and animation, and PHP for initialization. I have three versions of this and it’s actually very addictive as well as educational. These games are part of, as community site.

SIMILE Time Charting

Simile is a remarkable tool for presenting time-lines. The display can be interactively scrolled horizontally by dragging the mouse. The only trouble is that the tool has a lot of defects. The one that really stopped me was the inability to handle BC dates for any browser except Internet Explorer. Finally, in order to use the tool I had to examine the code and patch it myself.


I try to use whatever presentation tools are best and appropriate for the task. Often this means jQuery because it has so many tools built upon it, including tools/widgets that come in a suite, like jQueryUI. Here are two jQuery grid tools I have implemented. My actual work is behind corporate firewalls and user login accounts, but below are some sample screens from these tools.

CU Web Portal

DataTables This is an industrial strength grid that can handle large data sets. It has many built in options and additional features that can be added. I employed this grid for a CU web portal.

techblog This one is a very elegant grid that is indeed easy to use. It has a number of defects which I was able to fix, and so I put it to good use on the CollectorTech website, to replace simple non-interactive PHP grids. I sent my bug fixes to the developer who never responded. Apparently he wasn’t interested.


I am a heavy user of WordPress as a blogging platform and a CMS. Almost 20% of the entire web is based on WordPress so it is important to understand WordPress. I have created many WordPress sites, and custom themed them. WordPress’s great advantage are the many plugins available. However, as any WordPress user knows, custom hand written html is often needed as TinyMCE is not enough. Also, it’s not uncommon to manually change plugin code to meet a specific need. With WordPress, security concerns are less and regular updates are easy.


Zoom This is the site you are reading right now. I’m usually too busy to post much here but enjoy sharing when I can or when I need to record something important.


This heavily themed site is where I comment on religious subjects and post biographies. It uses a wide variety of plugins to display tooltips and media. The final step is to build and format the reference notes the way I like. I wrote a C# program that parses the html to create references, build reference links and format complex content automatically. I just copy/paste in, convert, and then paste back.

This is a heavily trafficked political site where I post regular updates. Because it is based on WordPress, it is very easy to update.

Originally I created a custom website for from scratch. Later, I converted to WordPress. I was able to theme it to look much the same only now it is easier to maintain. The menu system is extensive and hierarchical.

This is my personal website. Written in PHP/JavaScript/jQuery, it introduces my activities on the web.

Other Stuff

I have written a few web programs that do not reside on websites. A large website I wrote was once hit with a virus so I wrote a virus scanner called scan.php which searches an entire web site for virus signatures and file permissions problems — and then eradicates the malware. It is much more effective and time efficient than trying to do it by hand!

I also have a program in VB6 that scans a website, collects data, and places it in a database. It was fairly easy to do. It obeys file metadata instructions and the Robot Exclusion Protocol standard (robots.txt).

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