AngularJS Is For Real

Using web technologies is a roller coaster experience. New things roll out every week. That can be very exciting and fun, actually. Always learning. Reinventing. However, I can’t totally keep up with it all so I have to choose my focus from time to time. Right now I choose AngularJS. I don’t know that AngularJS is totally the future, but the direction AngularJS it is taking with HTML data binding totally is. I think.

AngularJS_logoI’m currently working on a small AngularJS project — a product order form, with API’s to PayPal, etc. So far I am loving Angular and I think it has a big future. Here is why:

  • Reason 1: It can be simple. It’s like when I first learned HTML. It was attractive because you could do something simple right away, knowing just a little about it. AngularJS is like that — and it is integrated right into HTML. However, it’s not totally simple. If you want to go very far with AngularJS, you’ll need to be JavaScript savvy, and yet the JavaScript is more like glue than the actual app, so code redundancy is reduced because Angular does so much — invisibly!
  • Reason 2: It is comprehensive. Unlike HTML alone, AngularJS really can do everything without additional tools. AngularJS scales well and supports a robust MVC design paradigm. It just depends on how far you need to go with it.
  • Reason 3: It is well supported and extremely well documented. Even the best tool can fail to gather broad support if there is a lack of resources behind it. AngularJS is supported by Google so that should be no issue. Google has created a winner.

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