iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 3 (Review)


I had been really looking forward to an “iPad Pro”. Then I heard Apple would most likely release it with iOS, maybe a “souped up” iOS with dual screen multi-tasking.

No deal.

I have had iPads since the very beginning. Heck, I pre-ordered the iPad 1. I like iPads BUT they are useless as a productivity device. It’s only good as consumer consumption device IMHO. So when Jeri needed a new computer and a tablet I suggested she go with the Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet hybrid. She loves it. And so do I. It is a productivity machine with a full OS (Windows 8), has a finger touch screen, real keyboard (that tucks away), track pad, and stylus. The stylus was the biggest surprise. That thing is neat. It senses the screen (or vice-versa) without touching it and is pressure sensitive too. SurfacePro3Another nice surprise is the docking station. It is really convenient and well worth the extra price. You can just grab your computer and run. Later, it slips right back in and supports all your peripherals. No problemo. It makes perfect sense that the keyboard is not bundled with it. Not needed and no need to pay for it if you have another keyboard you like. Not needed if your intention is to use it strictly as a tablet. The keyboard is worthy too. I don’t agree with reviewers who pan the keyboard and then complain if they pay extra for it. I think it works great.Dock

Just two days ago I saw the Apple announcement of the new super-thin and powerful MacBook. Really nice. Best laptop ever made. I don’t want a laptop. I want a hybrid. Apple is really behind the curve on this.

I am really looking forward to the Surface Pro 4.

4/5/2016 Update

Well the Surface Pro 4 has been available for awhile now. Very very impressive. And there are two iPad Pro’s now also.

I still feel the same way. The iPad Pro’s are not a pro device. iOS is for consumers and phones, not professionals. End of story.

Right now, my circa 2011 Macbook Air running Windows 7 and OS X Yosemite is so blazing fast and rock solid that I see no need to upgrade quite yet to the Surface Pro. I’ll continue to use the MacBook Air for “pro” stuff and the iPad 4 for consumer stuff. Eventually I’ll upgrade of course with the Surface Pro and have it all in one device.

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