iPad Pro

Well, I did finally upgrade to an iPad Pro about 3 weeks ago, used, and then recently added the iPad Pro Pencil too. Beautiful pieces of hardware. I didn’t get the iPad as a productivity device, although I actually do a little bit of real work on it thanks to it’s portability. Trouble is, everything takes about twice as long as it should. I am still hoping they’ll put MacOS on a tablet with mouse support some day. Sigh. One of the biggest iOS problems is downloading and transferring and sharing files between apps. Sure you can do it but it’s not standardized and varies for each app. No control over the file system. A constant struggle. 🙁

Then there is the irritating iOS policy of sometimes forcing users to use apps instead of the web. Apparently Apple would actually like to replace the web with iOS. That is doomed to failure. More and more I see signs that Apple marches to their own agenda and listening to customers and providing options is just not the top priority.

My next move is to purchase a Surface Pro and retire my 2011 vintage MacBook Air (which runs Windows natively, with a partition for MacOS too). My Air is so fast and that’s why I have kept it so long. It has aged better than any computer I have ever seen. I just need more SSD, USB 3, touch screen, and higher resolution — and in a tablet instead of a notebook. It’s just crazy that MacOS has no touch screen support. Dinosaurs go extinct.

I’ll keep my iPad though, at least for awhile. For what it does, it is nice. The Surface Pro is evolving though in a better direction and at a greater speed. I can easily envision that in a couple of years the Surface Pro will be my one and only.

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